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Rockingham Forge Cheese

Universal Cheese Knife


When it comes to tackling the abundance of delectable soft cheeses, the Cheese knife is the ultimate tool. Cheeses with a smooth inside, such as brie and camembert, like to adhere to the sides of a regular knife, but not the cheese knife. The cheese knife is a kitchen companion that usually has a thin blade with a v-shaped fork tip that serves as a lifter for sliced cheese bits. On those delectable wine and cheese evenings, the cheese knife will double as a forked-tip utensil, cutting through pickles, onions, cherries, and any other strong accompaniments on the cheeseboard. The fine blade on the cheese knife allows it to smoothly slice through all textured forms of a firm or soft cheese without leaving anything on the cutting blade, making it suitable for all types of cheese, whether hard cheddar or soft and fluffy.

Universal Cheese Knife