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Forester Collection

7 Piece Knife Block Set


This stunning Forester 7 Piece Knife Block features stainless steel blades, with a black oxidised coating to reduce cutting friction, and soft touch walnut wood-effect handles which provide excellent grip 

The knife block includes an 8" Chef's knife, 8" Carving knife, 8" Bread knife, 7" Santoku knife, 5" Utility knife and a 3.5" Paring knife.

This knife block set is also available in our SAFE-D Range, specially developed to promote safety in the kitchen with children in mind and those ‘on the move’. The cutting edges are still very sharp but the tips are rounded off.

7 Piece Knife Block Set


Black Oxidized Coated Blades

This knife range features high-quality Stainless Steel blades with a stylish black oxidized coating to reduce cutting friction and prevent food from sticking to the knife. The Forester knife range is also available in a ‘Safe-D’ range with round blade tips, to promote safety in the kitchen.

Soft-Touch Wood Effect Handles

The Forester knife range features soft-touch wood-effect handles creating an elegant natural looking finish. The handles are ergonomically designed for added comfort and an excellent grip.