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Equilibrium Collection

3 Piece Knife Set


The Equilibrium 3 Piece Knife Set is a great value set, ideal for a new chef starting out in the industry. It includes a 10cm Paring knife, 20cm Bread knife and 20cm Chef's knife.

The 10cm Paring knife is a handy and extremely versatile knife which is why it is often the knife of choice for chopping vegetables, de-veining seafood and peeling all types of fruit. Many chefs consider the paring knife to be the second most important knife in the kitchen.

The 20cm Bread knife is great for slicing through hard crusts on bread loaves, baguettes, and bagels, as well as soft things like tomatoes and fluffy textures in cakes; mainly for most foods with a hard exterior yet soft interior. The serrated "teeth" or grooves of the blade are intended to saw through the surface exterior of most pieces of bread, and they serve a simple function. 

The set is then finished with a 20cm Chef's knife which is perfect for most types of slicing, dicing and chopping and also capable of handling more heavy-duty roles such as the cutting of thick root vegetables and dense meat. The curved blade enables the rocking of the knife on a cutting board to mince fruit and vegetables quickly.


3 Piece Knife Set


Superior Quality Ice-Hardened Blades

Equilibrium blades are made from high quality German chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, which is ice-hardened for lasting sharpness and rust resistance.

Comfortable, Weighted Through-Tang Steel Construction

The handles are made from black POM material in a curved design which provides a perfect and comfortable grip, weighted by the through-tang steel construction. The highlight of the Equilibrium range is the perfect balance of the knives which sit comfortably in the hand, encouraging a professional 'rocking' cutting action.