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Equilibrium Collection

17cm Cleaver


This Equilibrium 17cm Cleaver knife has a long rectangular blade that is commonly used as a butcher's knife and is designed to cut through large, dense bones and joints. In food preparation, the wide side of the knife may also be used for crushing ingredients such as garlic.

17cm Cleaver


Superior Quality Ice-Hardened Blades

Equilibrium blades are made from high quality German chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, which is ice-hardened for lasting sharpness and rust resistance.

Comfortable, Weighted Through-Tang Steel Construction

The handles are made from black POM material in a curved design which provides a perfect and comfortable grip, weighted by the through-tang steel construction. The highlight of the Equilibrium range is the perfect balance of the knives which sit comfortably in the hand, encouraging a professional 'rocking' cutting action.