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Rockingham Forge Ceramic

13cm Chef's Knife with Sheath


The most essential knife in a Chef's arsenal, also known as a Cook's knife, was designed to disjoint large cuts of beef. Today, the chef's knife is the ultimate utility knife in the kitchen, acting as a multi-functional and reliable food preparation tool. This 13cm chef's knife is ideal for most slicing, dicing, and chopping tasks, but it can also handle more demanding tasks like cutting thick root vegetables and dense meat. The curved blade allows you to easily mince fruit and vegetables by rocking the knife on a cutting board. In Japan, a Gyuto is their equivalent of a French Chef’s knife, literally meaning “beef knife”. Precision techniques when using a chefs knife dictates that the handler grips the blade itself, using the thumb, forefinger and middle finger known as the “pinch grip”. This 13cm chef's knife is a must-have item for every kitchen, this is the perfect companion when required to slice steak, tofu, or root vegetables. *Blade cover is included.

13cm Chef's Knife with Sheath