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Rockingham Forge RF5500 Series

20cm Carving Knife


This 20cm carving knife, also known as a slicing knife, is made for making consistent uniform cuts. The carving knife is the best knife in the kitchen for slicing through chicken, beef, pork, and lamb into even thin slices. The carving knife can also make quick work of larger fruits and vegetables, arranging them into perfect slices in one smooth motion. As opposed to Chef's knives, Carving Knives feature a much shorter spine. If required, this 20cm carving knife can also be used for filleting and slicing fish, as well as cooking sashimi. Keep in mind that, owing to the design of the blade, carving knives are not suitable for cutting. When using a carving knife, a good rule of thumb is that the blade should be larger than the biggest thing the Chef wants to chop, which explains why the best carving knife is often the longest.

20cm Carving Knife