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New Arrivals: The Sunrise Collection

“At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky...”

As we finally seem to be emerging from tough times during the pandemic, we're beginning to reach out again to our loved ones, friends and colleagues and the outside world and we seek ways of truly expressing our feelings, and our love of life, and things dear to us.

Most of us have become more attached to our homes and the kitchen has become very much the focal point of our lives, where family meals are prepared and consumed. For many of us, home-cooking has been taken to a new level, with elements of experimentation and fun, involving the whole family.

Our brand new Sunrise Knife Collection epitomises everything that we are looking for, as we start to enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family in the home again. This stunning collection is just what we, and our kitchens are craving... ..colour, vibrancy, creativity, style and performance!



The handles of our Sunrise knives are carefully crafted from resin material which comes in various bright, eye-catching colours with a marble effect, bringing to mind precious gems such as Emeralds, Sapphires and Amber. The handles are shaped and finished in a traditional style which makes them ergonomic and comfortable to hold.



Our extra-sharp blades are forged from X40Cr13 Stainless Steel material which has undergone a number of hardening, grinding and polishing processes. The blades are then imprinted with our SUNRISE design, to replicate the “Kasumi” or morning mist, of Oriental tradition and add yet more excitement and drama to your food preparation.


Perfect balance and comfort are brought to our knives by the fitting of a Stainless Steel Bolster where the handles and the blades are joined.


The Sunrise Collection sees the launch of three 7" Santoku Knives plus a 3-Piece Knife Set and 6-Piece Knife Block, all available in Amber, Sapphire and Emerald.